Residential Electrical Services

As a valued client, you will receive a high quality, 5-star service that is affordable. Our aim is to go above and beyond for you to add extra value for you.

Affordability- our rates won’t shock you: If you would like to know an estimate of the price of the job before we start, we offer a free consultation! If the job requires more work/ time, we will always check in with you before proceeding. There will be no surprises and we always strive to communicate openly and honestly with our customers and keep you updated. We are all about keeping prices low for you and being transparent in everything we do, including our prices. We ensure affordability of our services and are dedicated to providing the most competitive price.

Respecting your home: All of our electricians are very professional in how they undertake and complete their work. We will always completely tidy up after any work and leave your home better than how we found it. We will treat your home like it is own and ensure that once the job is finished and our electricians leave, that your home is left neat and tidy.

Your Time: We understand the importance of your time and therefore always strive to be on-time for each job. All our electricians stay in contact with you on the day of your appointment to let you know where they are so you know exactly when to expect them. We value that you have chosen us and therefore put a real emphasis on being reliable for you.

Friendly, personalised service: At the core of Bevan Robinson Electrical is our mission to provide an exceptional, positive and friendly experience. Our promise to you is that we will go above and beyond to solve any electrical problems and provide the best workmanship and service possible. Bevan Robinson Electrical is dedicated to providing a service that you can rely on and trust. We are honest and transparent and strive to provide the service you require that is absolutely hassle free!

We believe customer relationships are critical to continued success. Bevan Robinson Electrical strive to deliver unparalleled client contact, understanding your needs and providing the best solution, tailoring our services to create the desired end results and of course a friendly electrician who is always ready to help. At the heart of our business is you, and our goal is to leave a smile on your face.

There’s nothing better than owning your own home or buying your first investment property; despite the DIY revolution sweeping the internet, there are a few domestic property maintenance tasks you just shouldn’t do yourself. Home lighting upgrades, switchboard changes and wiring adjustments require the professional touch of a Brisbane electrical maintenance expert.

Before you hesitate at the words professional and maintenance expert, take a few minutes to explore the Bevan Robinson Electrical difference. Our company is built on a local value, relying on word of mouth; many of first time Bevan Robinson Electrical clients are suspicious of professional maintenance services, unaccustomed to the reliability, honesty and friendliness our Wynnum based business provides.

Bevan Robinson treats every customer with respect and integrity. Your happiness is the core of our customer service credo. Bevan Robinson Electrical would like to share a host of complementary reasons why electrical maintenance can benefit your home, including:


The team at Bevan Robinson have over twenty years’ experience; no question is too small or insignificant for a complete, informative answer, down to the last detail.

Real Estate Management

Is your plate over-flowing with things to do, people to see and places you must go before you consider another power point installation? Let Bevan Robinson Electrical act as your buffer between real estate agents and electrical maintenance requests.

Save Money

Staying on top of electrical upkeep will add dollars to your bank balance; whether you live-in or rent-out, nipping small glitches in the bud now will prevent the high bills later on.

Protect Your Investment

Whether you own a portfolio of Brisbane properties or a single, personal palace, a residential property is an investment. Electrical maintenance is essential to securing your property, ensuring the safety of your family or its rental occupants.

Bevan Robinson Electrical is a family business with a reputation for excellence, superior service and affordability. Our electrical maintenance specialists are fully licensed, qualified and highly experienced in making your property a safer place to be. Find out why Bevan Robinson Electrical is the most trustworthy electrical service company in Brisbane.

For more infomation about our domestic property services please send us your details or phone us on 0424 363 749. We also offer domestic property maintenance for real state agencies and property owners.